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Study In Australia

When compared to a variety of other study abroad destinations, study in Australia is less expensive while maintaining the highest level of education available. Studying in Australia is highly sought after due to the excellent living conditions and multicultural society. Universities in Australia are ranked among the best in the world, owing to their excellent value for money. The CRICOS code provided further demonstrates international recognition. Universities in Australia incorporate current events that are appealing to students through shorter and intensive courses.

 In Australia, these contemporary teachings are incorporated into a variety of courses such as Science, Technology, Marketing, and Management. The simple and straightforward Streamlined Visa Process makes studying in Australia a breeze. The friendly atmosphere will make the experience more enjoyable for students. Planet E Visa Solutions, an expert education consultant, has been helping students to get a successful student visa for Australia for last 12 years. 

Study in Australia: Career Opportunities

Australian industries collaborate to stimulate and sustain economic activity. Education, agriculture, finance, hospitality, manufacturing, construction, business services, technology, tourism, and other industries contribute to national income.

Migration And Work when you Study in Australia

If you study Masters in Australia or complete two years of study in Australia, you will be granted a Skilled-Graduate Visa for a period of 24 months.

During this time, the student can work full-time, improve their English, or earn more points under the General Skilled Migrant Policy for PR.

Skilled Graduate Visa holders have 18 months to apply for any of the following visa categories:

Provisional Skilled – Regional Sponsored visa (Subclass 487)
Permanent Skilled – Independent visa (Subclass 885)
Permanent Skilled – Sponsored visa (Subclass 886)
Or they can also apply for an employer-sponsored visa at any time.

Working Part-Time

Post-Graduate Work Permit

Education Cost to study in Australia

For Indian students, studying in Australia offers excellent value and high-quality education at very low costs. Tuition is paid in advance for international students. Because these costs vary depending on the course or institution, average costs are provided below and should only be used as a guide. University fees in Australia range from around A$19,000 for a Graduate Certificate to A$28,000 per year for a Doctorate Degree. The more expensive courses typically include significant laboratory or computer components. The vocational education and training providers in Australia provide a wide range of courses.

Despite providing quality comparable to the best, the cost of studying in Australia is significantly lower than in the UK and the US. Higher education in Australia offers better value for money by offering shorter, more intensive courses than those available in other countries, resulting in lower living expenses.

The figures displayed are estimates of annual tuition fees in Australian dollars. Undergraduate courses last 3-5 years, while postgraduate courses last 1-2 years. Fees range between A$ 22000 and A$ 24000, with PG fees ranging between A$ 25000 and A$ 30000.

Advantages of study in Australia

1. Education System: Education System in Australia is governed by The Australian
Qualifications Framework (AQF). To facilitate pathways to and through formal
qualifications is the major objective of AQF. International students studying
in Canada surely gain formal recognition.


2. Safe Environment: Australia provides a safe environment to students as it is like a
second home away from home. Almost all Australian Institutes offer programs to
make the study experience students amazing.

3. Scholarships: As the third-largest country in the world to attract
International Students, Australia offers many scholarship schemes to students
as a means of financial aid every year.


4. Work while studying: Unlike many other countries, foreign Students have permission
to work while studying in Australia to cut the cost of living and studying.
Students can do a part-time job of 20 hours a week.

It is important to fulfill the requirements of the Australian Student Visa Application in order to avoid delays in processing time. You also must be a registered full-time course with educational institutes in Australia. Be acquainted with the requirements and the entire procedure before applying for an Australian Student Visa. Students should apply for a Student Visa if the duration of the course is more than 3 months. Australia has shown a steady increment in granting student visas to Indian Students to study in Australia.

Below are a few Top Australian Universities you may consider to study in Australia:

Australian National University

Melbourne University

University of New South Wales

University of Newcastle

University of Adelaide

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to apply for a Australian study visa?

    To apply for Australian Student Visa, student must follow this process: Step 1: Get offer letter of an Australian Institute. Step 2: Complete all the documents like SOP, Recommendation Letters, Resume as per the requirements to save time in visa process. Step 3: Complete an Australian Student Visa application form carefully. Step 4: After completing application form, students require scanned copies of required documents to upload. Step 5: Pay the application fees which depend on your home country (Application fees are different for different countries).

  • Could I work while studying in Australia?

    Australia provides facility to work upto 40 hours per fortnight. A fortnight is a time period of 14 days beginning on any Monday and ending on the second following Sunday. 40 hours a fortnight of students is calculated in this way once course begins. > week one - 15 hours work > week two - 25 hours work > week three - 25 hours work > week four - 10 hours work

  • How much is living cost in Australia?

    Your living costs will vary according to factors such as your lifestyle and location. To give you an idea of what you might expect to spend on living expenses each week, the Australian Government has provided a guide: Still you may expect an expense between 450 AUD$ to 920AUD$

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